The GlanAir CEMS is a plug and play continuous monitoring system designed for ease of set-up and no-touch operation. The system comprises 4 core elements:

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Monitoring devices

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Plug & Play Connectivity

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HEX Software

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Ease of Integration

Monitoring Devices

Particle monitor
Particle monitor LCD display

Particle Counter - TD40

SKU TD40-st  (standard LCD output - PM1, 5, 10)
SKU TD40-i8  (ISO8 LCD output - 0.5µm, 1µm and 5µm counts displayed)

The TD40 is a high-precision particle monitor for detecting and characterising non-viable contaminants such as dust, mould, debris, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Particles from 0.35 to 40 μm in diameter are measured using a laser-based particle sensor and pump-less air flow system.


  • Measures PM1.0, 2.5, 10.0 plus temperature & relative humidity
  • Option of particle concentration at 0.5µm, 1µm and 5µm aligned with ISO-8 cleanroom format
  • One-minute sample rate as standard with higher frequency available
  • 24 particle bin sensor counting particles in the range of 0.35μm to 40μm

Remote Management
Wireless connectivity and HEX software provides remote monitoring access for detailed analysis of PM readings, real time particle size histograms as well as temperature and humidity.

Onboard Display
The monitor features an onboard LCD display cycling through particle output, temperature and relative humidity

Differential Pressure Monitor - DP20X

The GlanAir DP20X monitors the difference in pressure between two locations. The monitor is designed for long-term stability with high degree of accuracy and no zero-point drift.


  • Outputs average, minimum and maximum differential pressure for each minute
  • 3 Pressure range options: +/- 125Pa, 500Pa and 1500 Pa
  • One-second sample rate aggregated to one-minute intervals
  • No zero-offset, no drift
  • Calibrated and temperature compensated
  • Optimal signal-to-noise ratio

Connectivity & Operation

  • Easy to connect via network or 4G
  • Mains power
  • HEX performance management software included
  • Automated alerts enable immediate response to issues critical to controlled environment
Differential pressure dashboard output
Differential pressure monitor
Screenshot of differential pressure data
Small, wireless gateway


The Zigbee Gateway GY36 provides superior coverage and reliable performance to ensure automated monitoring of the controlled environment. The gateway requires only mains power and connection to a DHCP-enabled port. PoE is also available as an option.

  • Zigbee wireless protocol for stable connection
  • Strong coverage in large buildings or facilities
  • Single gateway can take up to 50 devices
  • Easy set-up and maintenance-free operation
  • Compatibility with all AirSentric devices and other NuWave instruments

Ease of Set-up

GlanAir devices are designed for plug & play simplicity and the full process can be completed in minutes:


Register for free online monitoring account for HEX cloud software


Plug in devices and gateway

View data

On HEX dashboard

Man in a cleanroom viewing information on a screen
HEX Platform

HEX cloud software is used for monitoring live status for multiple devices at a glance. The software is subscription-free.​

Laptop displaying particle monitoring dashboard
Ease of Integration
Person's hand ready to press a conceptual API option on a touchscreen

The system is designed for ease of integration. All data is available through the HEX OpenAPI 2.0 documented RESTful API.

  • Secure presentation of live data
  • Integrates with SCADA, BMS or other host applications
  • Easy to use cloud API
  • Data export to csv facility